7 Things Dads do better than Moms, How dad is better than mom, In what ways dads are better than moms

7 Things Dads do better than Moms


Mothers are generally considered as the default parent. Be it feeding, bathing, changing, school PTA’s, doctor visits and the list is endless. But the role of fathers in a child’s upbringing cannot be undermined. If mothers are like buttons, then fathers are like that thread without which the button wouldn’t be able to hold everything together.


And in many cases, they even surpass the role of mothers when it comes to these 7 aspects of parenting.


1. The Ultimate Stroller/Piggyback ride


A dad’s shoulder is the handiest stroller you will ever find. Baby is tired, no problem, jump onto dad’s shoulder. Baby is sleepy, no problem, dad’s shoulder becomes the cosiest bed. Read more @ Tinystep.in.