11 products that are shockingly dangerous for your kids

11 products that are shockingly dangerous for your kids

After a lot of research we buy toys for our kid that are age appropriate, toxin free and that aids their development. But, our little ones are fascinated by everyday household items. Sad to say, there are numerous hazards hidden in the common household items. The most horrifying are the unexpected dangers from the items used by adults that are left within the reach of a toddler. 


Below is a list of everyday household item to look out for


  1. Cosmetics - Many of the cosmetics and toiletries like hair spray, hair dye, nail polish, nail polish remover are toxic. Never let them within easy reach of children
  2. Latex balloons - Kids can choke on latex balloons, while blowing them as they completely block breathing.
  3. Baby lotion tubes and bottles -  Most of the baby lotions and creams are harmless. But, the unscrewed caps pose choking risk.
  4. Water bottle caps - Kids and toddlers can choke on unscrewed bottle caps.
  5. Magnets- When children ingest multiple pieces of small magnets, it can tear a hole in the bowel. Make sure the magnet in children’s toys and other products don’t become dislodged or fall off.
  6. Kids Metal jewels - Most of the kids metal jewels have high amount of lead. These when ingested can become poison 
  7. Pen caps - Pen caps are always harder to keep track of and kids can easily choke on them.
  8. Cleaning and household chemicals - Never leave the bottles of household chemicals unattended. Keep the products out of reach in a locked area securely
  9. Hair ties - Small hair ties that we use on our babies pose a choking risk. Don’t use hair ties that are too small as they can swallow and choke on them. The decorative pieces on the hair ties can be a choking hazard, if they pull them of and swallow. 
  10. Button batteries -  One of the most dangerous household product are these small batteries found in remote controls and other toys. These small batteries that are easy to be swallowed  and when swallowed can eat through the adjacent tissue. And, they can even take a child’s life.
  11. Moth balls -  Toddlers and kids might mistake a moth ball for candy and can swallow them. Ingestion of a single moth ball can be toxic and can be even lethal at times


A lot of modern day conveniences and technological advancements are life threatening for our kids. So, please be on guard! These accidental indigestion and choking hazards are completely preventable.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin. Happy and safe parenting!