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3 ways to feed Amla/Indian Gooseberry to your child


Amla/Indian Gooseberry


This humble nutrition-packed fruit Amla has a number of health benefits and is popular since decades. It is rich in Vitamin C (20 times as much as Vitamin C in orange ), fibre, minerals and contains anti-oxidants. Amla with its health benefits can be used as an ingredient in our diet regularly. Including adequate amount of Vitamin C in your child’s diet will prevent infections and enhance their immunity system. 




  1. It is an excellent source of vitamin-C that is required to maintain healthy bones and muscles.
  2. It's antibacterial and astringent properties protects against infections and enhances immunity. 
  3. It is high in antioxidants that helps in the elimination of free-radicals.
  4. It has very high fibre content - it helps in regulating bowel movement and reduces the chances of constipation. 
  5. It helps to flush toxin through the urinary system.


Dosage and precaution

  1. As other sour foods, Amla is incompatible with milk. It curdles milk and hence it is required to give a gap of Amla and milk between consumption.
  2. It is always important and safe to give the right dosage of any food. 100 ml of Amla juice contains 650 to 950 mg of Vitamin C. 

                    Age group     Vitamin C requirement    Amla dosage

                    1-3 years        15 mg                              1.5 ml to 2.5 ml 

                    4-8 years        25 mg                              2.5 ml to 4 ml

                    9 -13 years     45 mg                              4.5 ml  to  7ml 

The dosage level mentioned above is based on my research. Do consult with your health practitioner before deciding the dosage for your little one.


How to include Amla in your kids diet?


Amla Candy 


Kids love candy and rejoice over eating them. So, why not try this ‘healthy’ candy that is full of health benefits. Try this recipe of Amla Muraba/ Amla candy from Padhu’s kitchen


Amla Jam 


You would never hear a ’NO” from a child if it is jam on a toast. You can try this interesting recipe of Amla jam from


Amla Juice


Nothing can replace a fruit. And the closest thing to a fruit is it's juice. Check this simple and refreshing healthy juice for your kid from


Include Amla in your kid's regular diet and protect them from diseases and infections. Help them lead a healthy life!


"Kids who are fed healthy food grow up loving healthy food -Unknown." Happy parenting!