5 natural remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

5 natural remedies for heartburn during pregnancy


Beyond experiencing the miracle of pregnancy - this was the one thing that i hated the most - HEARTBURN!


What causes heartburn in pregnant women?


The hormone progesterone is made in abundance when you are pregnant. It relaxes all the muscles in your body preparing the body for childbirth. This also relaxes the valve on the top of your stomach that keeps down the acid that digests your food and the food you have swallowed. And, as a result the partially digested food and acid contents escapes back into the esophagus causing heartburn.


Natural ways to relieve pregnancy heartburn


Heartburn occurs throughout the pregnancy, starting from the first trimester it becomes more prominent in the third trimester. Of course, there is isn’t much you can do to prevent these hormones and the causes of heartburn. 

Here are few natural remedies for heartburn in pregnant women.  


  1. Milk with honey - Since they have a soothing property milk and honey helps in better digestion. Warm milk with honey seems to soothe the heart burning discomfort. 
  2. Almonds  - Due to their high oil content, almonds help to get rid of heartburn by neutralising the stomach acid. 
  3. Coconut water - With its natural acid neutraliser coconut water can bring soothing relief to heartburn.
  4. Fennel seeds - Add 2-3 teaspoons of crushed fennel seed in boiling water. Strain and drink. 
  5. Ginger - It is a natural aid for heartburn. Take in moderation either in cooked or liquid form. 
  6. Plain water - Drink lots of water. Rather than gulping water all at once, sip water consistently all day long.


What might work for one might not work for the other. It is often a case of trial and error to find out what works for you. All the above mentioned items should be had in moderation and not in high doses. But if you find your heartburn severe, talk to your doctor.


"Peeing on a stick and preserving that stick is the start of the many disgusting things you will do as a mother" -Unknown. Happy pregnancy!