8 things nobody tells you about how life changes after a baby

8 things nobody tells you about how life changes after a baby

Once you see those two lines on the pregnancy strip your life changes forever. Things will never be the same again. There would be no joy like being a parent. But, there are so many luxuries we miss and look back on fondly


1. Before baby: You could sleep for hours during the weekends, stay in bed even longer and skip breakfast as well.

    After baby: Waking up early will be the only option to have some ‘me time’.

2. Before baby: Going to the beauty salon was a routine.

    After baby: Going to the beauty salon is what is called ”luxury”.

3. Before baby: A clean and a tidy home.  

    After baby: Dumping things in the cupboard before the guests arrive.

4. Before baby: Grocery shopping is a boring, but an essential errand.

    After baby: Grocery shopping - A much needed break.

5. Before Baby: If you have to leave somewhere - change, grab your bag and leave.

   After baby: Feed him, change him, gather his stuff in the mother’s bag, load him into the car seat, load the stroller into the car and finally leave.

6. Before baby: The alarm clock goes. Snooze for 10 mins. Goes again. Snooze. And it continues.

    After baby: Oh don’t even think of it. There is no way you can snooze your little alarm.

7. Before baby: Movie marathon.

    After baby: Nursery rhymes marathon. 

8. Before baby: Choose your favourite restaurant with great food and head straight to the place.

   After baby: Research. Find a place that is kid friendly, has kids menu and high chair with BELT. 


Being a parent changes you radically. Your thoughts, values, life plans and decisions will be based on your new baby. Babies give life a new meaning and satisfaction. Despite the fact that we miss our luxuries and other things in life, the tiny bums are so so worth it.


“Motherhood - shower, hair, makeup in less than 10 mins with an audience” -Unknown. Happy parenting!