8 ways of baby proofing - The essentials to protect your baby

8 ways of baby proofing - The essentials to protect your baby


We all get prepared for our little one’s arrival since conception. The preparation ranges from choosing probable names, buying dress, etc. But, we hardly act about proofing our household to ensure their safety. That’s because of the awareness we have on this. Baby proofing makes your household safer, baby friendly and most of all, eliminates unintentional injuries.  


We do not have much facts in India, but, I managed to I pull some data from the US. Let’s start with some statistics.


  1. A fatal injury in the home occurs every 16 minutes in the U.S.
  2. A disabling injury occurs every 4 seconds in a U.S. home.
  3. Approximately 9 million emergency room visits each year due to child injuries in the home.
  4. More than 11 million visits to paediatrician are due to child injuries in the home.


The best part is, most of them are preventable and a few of them would have had reduced severity, if baby proofed. 


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What is baby proofing?

Baby proofing (also called as child proofing) is taking practical measures to keep the kids safe and prevent injuries. It includes preventing the kids from reaching unsafe areas and restricting them to safe areas. 


Why is it required?

“Get down on your hands and knees and see the world from a toddlers eye view – you’ll see what they can see and reach for”. The pain and the agony that we go through when a child is injured is immense. By understanding the dangers around our home and close supervision we can always prevent unnecessary burns, cuts, bruises and tumbles. You cannot create an environment that is 100% safe but there few hazards that definitely requires precaution. And, for almost every single problem we have solution in the market today.

Here are 7 other reasons why baby proofing is important.


Ways to baby proof?

Below are some ways you can baby proof your home yourself. All these products are available online in websites like amazon, flipkart, firstcry, hopscotch etc.


1. Safety gates can be used to restrict a child’s access to a specific place, especially, stairways and kitchen. 



2. Corner guards can be used to prevent injuries from sharp corners around your home.


3. Door stoppers helps to prevent your toddler’s little fingers to be trapped



4. Finger Trap Protection Strips prevent your toddler’s fingers getting caught near the hinge of swinging doors. 



5. Appliance locks. These product helps keep appliance doors closed. They are easy to install and allows adults easy access to refrigerator or oven. And, remove the towel hanging off the handle of a fridge or oven. Baby can use that to pull them down.



6. Safety latches can be implanted on cupboards, drawers, fridges and cabinets. They restrict kids from accessing the drawers or cabinets, yet provide easy access for adults. There are number of easy to install safety latches available online.



7. Playpen is a form of childproofing that can be used to restrict the movement of the child for a while, when there is minimal supervision. 



8. For all the remotes that you use frequently, tape the back of the battery cover. Make sure the batteries don’t fall off.



"When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they are finished I climb out" - Erma Bombeck. Happy baby proofing!