Eat, sleep and potty training - Never get them wrong, please!

Eat, sleep and potty training - Never get them wrong, please!

Below are the three things that should never go wrong in your kid's early stages of development.
1. Eat
2. Sleep
3. Potty


Do you wonder why? Please read further.
Let's say you hate cooking. Now, what if you are pressed hard to cook? What if somebody yells at you and forces you to cook by showing a terrible face? You will hate cooking more than how much you did a moment ago. Don't you think your little one will undergo the same when you force them to eat, sleep or potty. 


Now, of all the things in a kid's development, why would these three take the top slots? Simple, your kid might become a doctor, pilot, architect, entrepreneur or just anything. No matter what he/ she will become, they will have to do these three things every single day. Any other habit and trait could vanish when they grow up. But, these three can't. Can they? 
Yes, you got it. Now, what to do?


Don't force them to eat when they are not hungry. I understand, you have a routine to stick on to. But, you should understand that when they are hungry, they will have it. Now, try a routine like this. Make the breakfast available for them for a duration of 20 minutes. Not after that. Apply the same 20 minutes rule for lunch and dinner as well. Practice this every single day for at least 2 weeks and never give up. Your kid will understand the pattern and learn that 20 minutes is all that they have got. don try feeding your kid until they are very hungry. When they want food badly, the ball is in your court. Some kids naturally like to try different tastes and varieties. They just don't eat the same stuff over and again. You can't beat them to eat, but, have to satiate them. Period. 


Don't force them on this at any cost. Yes, it is going to take a while for them to understand that there is a designated spot to get relieved. But, not anywhere anytime. You got to give them the time and space. Premature potty-training puts tremendous pressure on them. Just because your neighbour's kid did it at 12 or 18 months, does not mean your kid should. It's not a race and your neighbour is probably lying. Let your kid take his/ her own time. Should I tell each kid is unique?


Yelling at them, forcing or beating them to sleep will get them to hate this whole sleep thing. The kids will start seeing the sleep as an unpleasant act. And, this thought will get etched in their mind forever. Kids who underwent a bad sleep routine had trouble sleeping even after they are adults. Again, routine helps. Take them to bed 30 minutes later than the usual time. They would be closer to sleep than usual. That's easy for you to establish a routine and stick on to it. Tell them stories, sing them some rhymes or your favourite song until they are asleep. Ask yourself. If you have slept crying or beaten to sleep, have you slept well? Didn't spoil the next day too? Think, please!
I hear you. 

You now understand how vital these three trainings are. It does not matter if you are providing the best toys and a world class education, if they can't eat or sleep well. This applies to anyone of any age.


“Being a mom is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle, and sleepless night” -Unknown. Happy parenting!