How can mothers make time for themselves

How can mothers make time for themselves

Most of the days we keep ourselves busy. Later, we lament that we did not spend our time doing something we love or that would recharge our batteries(as a parent we really need it!). Place a check on the bad habits that creates all the busyness. Parenting becomes very difficult when are there too many distractions.


Almost all mothers have one or more of the following habits that would eat up most of their time and end up grumbling that 24 hours is not enough. Lets find those bad habits and replace them with newer ones, that makes us feel refreshed and makes our life more meaningful.


  1. Online Window Shopping - With a huge jump in the number of apps in the Indian app store, we spend a lot time doing online 'window' shopping even with our little ones around.
  2. Venomous people - Dedicate time to better people and don't invest your time and energy on people who drain you.
  3. Facebooking - Let's not feel 'small' knowing how others live their life. Rather, use it to keep yourself updated on the latest news and follow few pages of your interest. Do not Facebook when you are tired or bored, but, stick on to a specific time limit in a day.
  4. Using your cell phone before bed time - It would keep you awake and take away your 'precious' sleep time. Having your cell phone by the bed means, if you wake up in the night(which we always do as a parent), you're more likely to stay awake checking for notifications and popups.
  5. Waking up late - Sleeping till the last minute will not give you the 'aura' of making things happen. I know it's hard, but, waking up early, gives you ample time to plan the rest of your day, workout (that provides a lot of energy on the job), have your 'quiet' time so that you can relax and unwind. 

Wake up early and give it a trial of 20 days. It will aid you TREMENDOUSLY BEYOND YOUR BELIEF!!


"You can learn many things from children. For instance, how much patience you have." -Unknown. Happy parenting!