How to teach your child to handle getting lost in public

How to teach your child to handle getting lost in public


My 2 year old son is super-active, never sits down and never STOPS. And, yes he gets featured everywhere we go - he is ‘extra active’, ‘a big ball of energy’ and so on. Whenever I travel, I am always accompanied by my husband or my mom. There came a day, when i had to travel alone with my son. Alone!


In the recent months, I have come across a number of abduction and missing child cases. It is one of the scariest thing that can ever happen to a parent. It can get worse for toddlers and young children who cant memorise or recite information like names and phone numbers. But what if your worst fear comes true and your child does get lost in the crowd?


It is important to prevent your child from getting lost. And, it is equally important to teach them what to do when they get lost.


Here are 5 key safety information your child must know in case he becomes lost.


  1. Before you leave - Prepare an identification for your child. Write their name, address and an emergency contact no. These details could be written on a small piece of paper and placed in their pockets. Let the child know it is there. 
  2. Talk to your child - Talk to the child about where you are going and what to expect. Teach them about how to cope if they get lost in the crowd. If your child finds himself lost, teach him to ‘stay where they are’ . Make them understand that you will be looking for them. 
  3. Knowing who to ask for help - The best person who can help your child, when he is lost is another mother. Teach them to approach a mother who has kids with her rather than some stranger. Teach them to say something like “I am lost” or “Please help me find my mommy”.
  4. Don’t panic - If your child is missing, never panic, but, act immediately. Since your child has been taught what to do when lost, stay focused and attempt to find your child. PANICKING NEVER HELPS!
  5. Wear bright coloured outfits - You and your kid should wear bright coloured outfits when heading to a crowded place. Familiarise your toddler with the colour of the outfit you are wearing. Ask your kids to take a good look at you and close their eyes and tell what you are wearing. It would help them to describe you or to locate you in a crowd. 


Everyday, we get circulations about missing child in facebook, whatsapp, and various other mediums. And, that's the last thing any parent would want to go through. The pressure and the ordeal it puts  on parents is insurmountable. Nearly 1,00,000 children are reported to go missing in our country every year. There would be a lot of unreported cases too. 


It is better to be safe than sorry. In my next article, I will write about “How to prevent kids from getting lost in public”. For more parenting tips, ideas and advice, subscribe to our newsletter below. Happy parenting!