Is it okay being an overprotective new mom

Is it okay being an overprotective new mom?

“I would do anything in the world to protect him ” was the first thought I had in my mind, when I held my son for the first time. I started doing it religiously that any first time mom would understand and relate to. 


Looking back at some of the things I did, when my son was a newborn, I just look like a nutty overprotective mom. Even my mom and my husband teased and labeled me as "being overprotective". In my effort to keep my son safe and healthy, I became a little paranoid. Below are the few things I did as an overprotective mom. I believe a lot of mommies out there can resonate with these.

  1. Check if he was alright and conscious if he had slept too long. 
  2. Put my hands in his nose, try to hear his heartbeat just to ensure he is breathing. 
  3. Made sure people wash/sanitize their hands before holding my son as they could have germs.
  4. Made sure the washing and sterilization of the feeding bottles was done either by me or my mom. Not by anyone else.
  5. Always cleaned my nipples with baby wipes before feeding him.
  6. Imagined bizarre scenarios of my little one getting hurt. Like, being dropped while being passed to relatives, friends and when young kids wanted to hold him.
  7. Became fiercely protective and covered him completely when we waited in the paediatrician's waiting room.
  8. Never allowed anyone to handover a currency note as a gift in my son's hand.


Some people think its crazy when a mom spends most of her time with the baby. Some people think its crazy when a mom spends most of her time away from her baby. There is no one right way to be a good parent. Let's do what we feel is right for us, our baby, family and our circumstances.


It is good to be protective as it would be bad if you didn't care. But it can also be a not so great thing, once they are of certain age. Kids are adventurous and brave by nature. As mothers, we should not overprotect them out of fear, but, guide them with love. Identify their temperament and nurture their little selves. It is the hormones and being a new mommy makes us weirdly motherly. But, we are not “crazy” and it is completely ‘okay’ to be overprotective. At least, until our little one can indicate when something is wrong and bothering.


"Sometimes you need to talk to three year old so you can understand life again” -Unknown. Happy parenting!