Summer safety tips for kids

Summer safety tips for kids

Its summer time. The schools and daycare facilities will be closed by the end of March. It will be a great time for children and not so great time for the parents. Especially, when you cannot send them to their granny’s place, it gets tougher. I know you can still manage to an extent by resorting to summer camps and some trainings. Life saver, right? 


The kids love spending their time in outdoor and indoor activities. After all, they get to explore spaces beyond their everyday living space only during this time. It’s going to be back-breaking, but, it is our responsibility to be informed about kid’s safety during summer. Here are some tips to make the summer fun filled, safer and less risky. 


Avoid dehydration
Dehydration in kids is one of the most common and serious health concerns during summer. Even though you don’t see your baby sweat, they might lose fluids through perspiration. Watch out for signs of dehydration that includes fatigue, restlessness, fewer wet diapers, dry mouth. Kids need 50% more fluids than normal during summer. So, have them drink plenty of water and other fluids.


Safety from sun
Avoid exposing kids to sun between 10 am to 4 pm. Hats and sunglasses will come handy. Apply sunscreens with a Sun protection Factor(SPF of 15 or more) 15 minutes before sun exposure. It helps in reducing the intensity of UV rays that causes sunburn. Make sure to reapply every 2 hours incase of sweating or swimming. Don’t apply sunscreens and repellant together. If required, talk to your doctor on deciding the cream. 


Dress them appropriately.
Choose clothes that are good in absorbing sweat and moisture. Go for lightweight cotton clothing that are loose. When you go outside opt for long sleeved shirts and full pants that are light in colour. Don’t leave your kid’s skin exposed to harsh sun rays. 


Prevent injuries 
Accidental falls are one of the main causes of childhood injuries. Generally they will have scrapped arms or legs, but they might hit their heads when they fall off bikes. The risk of head injury can be minimised by equipping them with a helmet. Make sure your kids wear properly fitting helmets when they ride their bikes, roller blades or skating boards. Make a strict rule: no helmet, no riding!


Water safety
“Drowning happens quickly and quietly and not with a lot of splashing”. Always stay close to your kids when they are playing in any source of water like swimming pool, inflatable baby pool etc. Avoid getting distracted when the kids are in water(stay off cell phones and chatting with other parents). Never leave kids alone near the water source, no matter what their swim capabilities are. 


Never leave baby in car
Never leave your baby alone in car even when the windows are open or parked in shade. Cars traps heat and the temperature inside increases at an alarming level, even when it is cooler outside. Kids are at a great risk for heat stroke inside a car, as their bodies heats up quickly than adults.


Prevent skin infection 
Summer demands extra care for skin. Perspiration and dehydration causes fungal and bacterial infections due to hot and humid weather. These infections affect areas where there is less aeration like folds of the skin, underarm, groin and between the toes. For precautions kids must bath twice a day, wash their hands and feet after playing, dress appropriately in loose cotton clothes. 


First aid kit
It is advisable to have a well stocked first aid kit with the following items within easy reach. The first aid kit should include digital thermometer, bandages, sterile cotton balls, antibiotic creams for scrapes and cuts, aloe gel for burns, ice pack, hot water bottle, gauze pads and rolls, pair of scissors and insect repellants. The most important items in the first aid kit should be the name and contact numbers of paediatrician and neighbours in case you need immediate assistance. You never know what is going to happen with kids around. And, first aid kits should never be left in reach of a child. 


Let your kids enjoy their vacation and make summer a fun time for them. Let them have a memorable, safe and fun-filled summer.


“The joys of motherhood are not fully experienced until the children are in bed” -Unknown. Happy parenting!