Things i googled as a mother

Things i googled as a mother


Google is my BFF! It has always been just an arms reach when I wanted to make sure my son is alright. Google has helped me feel better many a times. And, i am sure if we all compared our search histories, it would all be very similar. I have always wondered how my mother survived without google! 


Here i share with you few things i have googled as a new mom.

1. My baby won’t stop crying all night.
2. How to reduce mommy weight?
3. What does normal baby poop look like?
4. How long can i let my newborn cry?
5. When will my baby recognise me?
6. When will my baby sleep through the night?
7. What to do with my baby all day?
8. How do i know if my baby is getting enough food?
9. Food to increase milk supply?
10. Is it normal for the baby to bang his head when he is upset or angry.
11. How do i know my baby is warm enough?


What about you? What are some questions you have googled after your baby?


“Becoming a mother makes you realise you can do almost anything, one-handed” -Unknown. Happy parenting!!