Top daddy ‘escape strategies’ - Of course from parenting

Top daddy ‘escape strategies’ - Of course from parenting!

Sometime during the mid January 2016, my parents have come to my home. When they have taken my son out for his playtime, I was able to spend some lone time with my husband. We were sitting in our balcony, sipping coffee. It felt so relieving and unstressed to experience the calmness amidst so the chaos our little one creates.


Now a days, with enough support from my husband, I am getting the much needed “me time”. But, I was curious if my husband deployed any tactics to evade looking after our son. I asked him anyway. After all, men are always men. He laughed at my question, but, refused to reveal. Upon my insistence, he opened up.


Below are his confessions in his own words.

  1. "My time spent at office felt like vacation. AC, no noise, not required to be vigilant, I get to tell anyone - "I will get back to you". It's just the polar opposite at home. I never understood what my son wanted. But, whatever he wanted, he wanted. Period. I always required an interpreter (And, it is the mother always)."
  2. "After becoming a dad, even the worst crawling traffic felt like a trip to Goa. Music, AC and what not. But, I never admitted it to you. I have rather given a contrary picture. Outcome - I get a little sympathy and a few minutes of rest."
  3. "After most of the client calls and onsite calls, I always spent some time on music, youtube, automotive forums, etc.,. This extra time varied from 30 minutes to an hour after the calls."
  4. "When I could have got my car serviced on weekdays, I intentionally scheduled them for weekends so that I could get my time out."
  5. "I chose not to reveal the team outings, dinners, etc. I thought you will get a feel that I am enjoying while you are finding it hard to cope up with parenting."
  6. "I have always given a busy picture about my work. Every now and then, I randomly grumble about tight schedules, meetings, etc., even though I had ample time discussing about football matches, car reviews, upcoming Oscars and what not."


After revealing his strategies, he made his final touch. Yes, he cut a deal with me. The deal was that I should never, ever mention any of the above confessions in our fights or arguments henceforth. Really, men are men. My reply was just a smile. Well, I am a woman and I don't think I can help it, even if I try hard enough.


"Having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws. I love it when they come to visit now. They can hold the baby and I can go out." -Matthew Broderick. Happy parenting!