The ultimate pre-baby shopping list

The ultimate pre-baby shopping list


One of the most exciting part of pregnancy, is shopping for your new baby. But, it might be a daunting task as it is the first step in parenting. Many people believe that shopping for baby before birth will bring bad luck. But, it is wise to buy things for our baby ourselves, than giving the responsibility to some one else. Should I say you will not have the time and energy to shop once your baby is born. 
There is no moment as amusing as holding a tiny dress and imagining your little bundle of joy in it. Here is the shopping list of everything you will need to buy for your baby and yourself.


For the baby

  1. Cotton dresses- tops and tees
  2. Socks or booties
  3. Mittens - To prevent the babies from scratching their face. Ensure the quality of the elastics.
  4. Sweaters(for winter babies)
  5. Cotton blankets
  6. Receiving blankets
  7. Cotton bath towels
  8. Small burp clothes


Decide whether you want to use disposable diapers or cloth. With cloth, have a set of 36 in the beginning. Prefer cloth diapers with strings. Avoid cloth diapers with velcro closures, as the velcro might hurt the soft baby skin. As for disposable diapers, get few packs of newborn size.



  1. Feeding bottles
  2. Bottle and nipple brush
  3. Flasks
  4. Steam steriliser
  5. Liquid cleanser for cleaning feeding bottles



  1. Laundry detergent
  2. Nail clipper
  3. Quick dry sheets (if you are using cloth diapers)
  4. Cotton balls 
  5. Good quality baby wet wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom
  6. Baby soft-bristled hair brush
  7. Digital thermometer
  8. Consult your pediatrician for baby soap and shampoo


Pre-baby shopping list for mommies
Most of your pre-baby shopping list will have items only for your babies. The following are some of the absolute must-haves for new mothers. I cannot emphasize enough on how it will make your lives easier.

  1. Breast pump - Having a breast pump will help you get the much needed rest. Your husband or your mother can feed the child while you are completely exhausted. 
  2. Nursing Bra - Buy one cup larger than your pregnant bra size.
  3. Breast pads - Either washable or disposable. If choosing disposable pads, go for a brand that has a sticky patch, as it prevents the movement of the pad.
  4. Nursing pillow
  5. Maxi-pads - Buy ultra absorbent maxi pads for post-delivery periods. 
  6. Panty liners - This is based on personal choice. But, it helps in a lot of ways.
  7. Disposable panties - Very useful for new mothers for the first few days.
  8. Mother bag - To carry all the baby care essentials while travelling 

Talk to other mommy friends about the products like pram, crib, baby swings etc. Get their feedback before buying one.


That’s my baby and mommy essential list. Did i miss something? If so, please add it in comments. I bought everything from crib, some toys to all the mommy essentials before my son was born. I received a lot of criticism from my parents and relatives for doing this. But, the same people did appreciate this when they realised that the pre-baby purchase was indeed very essential.


“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it” -Betty white. Happy parenting!


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