Why should you not buy furniture when you are expecting


Furnishing your house? Yes? Think again.  The layout of your household would keep changing once your little one is out. The changes could be as frequent as once per week. And, I am certainly not kidding. Although, this frequency is dependent on how active your toddler is.  You are definitely going to do that. No escaping that.


Few toddlers are highly adventurous by nature. They would always find their way to the top no matter how hard you lay your household items. Their brain would have been naturally wired to figure out a path to get there. When we evolve at 10X, they evolve at 20X,  may be 30X. Every time we get a hold of our toddler's current stage, they would already have grown past it. 


This difficulty when compounded with too many furniture, makes matters worse. There were times when we had to change the layout every three days. Everyday was filled with a lot of high blood pressure moments. Nothing short of a nail biting Hollywood climax action sequence. There had been a lot of near fall and a few fall moments. The worst part is they forget why and how they fell. So, they repeat. This whole exercise was too demanding and frustrating. It took too much of our mind space.


We, then decided to give away a lot of our furniture. The results were astounding. Not much anxiety as before.   Now, there is a lot of room to run around, play and enjoy. Despite all these things, if you want to go for furniture, below guidelines could relieve you of some anxiety.

  1. Stick to leather, artificial leather or fabric sofas instead of wooden ones.
  2. Choose furniture with rounded edges, not the sharp ones.
  3. While designing wardrobes and cupboards, again stick to rounded edges.
  4. Ensure that all the doors are lockable and the grab handles are not sharp.
  5. Position the door levers, locks, etc at a little higher position than usual.
  6. It's great if you can put a latch outside the bathroom doors (at the top) as well. 
  7. Seal all the electrical outlets. Don't go for any low lying electrical plug points.
  8. Provision to add or remove gates to kitchen. This one tops my list although it's mentioned here. Simply because, this is the place filled with sharp objects to spicy ingredients. 
  9. Any furniture that is fold-able is great. Use it when you need it. Fold and park it in the attic when not needed. Simple. 

Unlike USA and other developed nations, baby proofing is still in its nascent stages in India. The awareness is less and there are not many companies that offers this service. To be prepared with all the checklist of what to buy for you and your yet to come little one, check 


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"I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it."- Harry S. Truman. Happy parenting!